Making unwanted weight gain, low energy and bloating a thing of the past through the power of balancing hormones.

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I'm ready to shift the weight & feel re-energized!

Boost your metabolism & balance hormones so you can find renewed energy & confidence!

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More About Jasmin

When I struggled with my own hormones and metabolism 10 years ago, I found myself feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. My life consisted of constantly thinking about food, what to eat, what not to eat, the next diet, restricting calories and exercise. - sounds familiar?

It wasn't until I realized the power of food,
and the havoc I had caused my body to be in by NOT giving my body what it needed for balanced hormones so I could feel confident and comfortable in my skin.

Now, I’m here to guide you through your journey to reignite your metabolism, release unwanted weight, and stabilize your moods. No cookie-cutter programs here—just personalized support that works for you! You deserve to feel incredible!

Registered Nurse & Registered Holistic Nutritionist

Hi, I’m Jasmin!

real results from blackwood clients:

Time to feel damn good in your skin! 

Ready to shift the weight, be filled with energy & ditch the mood swings so you can feel comfy and confident in your body through the power of balancing your hormones?
Experience 16 life-changing weeks where I hold your hand through the entire step-by-step 3 phase process so you can get the results you want safely & ASAP.

The Hormone Harmony Solution

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Learn my simple 1-2-3 strategy to kickstart your weight loss in as little as 10 days, as you regain your energy & reduce bloating.  Get ready to boost your metabolism!

The Metabolic Reboot Method

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Wave goodbye to the diets & 'health' trends that are keeping you stuck and say hello to balancing your hormones so you can finally wake up your sleepy metabolism & shift the weight!

Join my free masterclass to discover the blueprint to losing the hormone weight so you can get on the path of fitting into ‘those’ jeans with confidence, loving how you feel & look.

The Blueprint To Losing the Hormone Weight 

to sustainably releasing inches, regaining energy and improving moods so you can feel confident and comfortable in your skin.

Helping you go you go from struggling with stubborn weight, low energy and mood swings 

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Through a holistic approach to not only kick the stubborn weight but also improve your energy and moods through fixing other things you haven't even thought of, like inflammation, gut health and detoxification. 

Wake up feeling refreshed, light on your feet, and ready to conquer the world every single day

Feel reconnected with your partner because you feel sexy & confident in your body (even when you're naked 😉)

Always finding something to wear that you love, never having to second guess your outfit

I'll show you how you can:

Tired of Counting Calories and Intense Workouts with No Results?

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