If you're nodding your head, keep reading...

Are you ready to wake up refreshed, feel confident in your body, experience consistent high energy and feel reconnected with your partner all through the power of balancing your hormones?

It's difficult for you to 'stick' with diets, because you feel like you're starving and they are not sustainable

You've gotten to the point where you don't only dislike how you're looking in your clothing but it's actually getting physically uncomfortable as well.

You're feeling overwhelmed with all the conflicting information out there about hormones and weight loss

You've followed the diets and fads and you're sick of not getting anywhere

You feel like you're eating healthy, doing the workouts, but you're not seeing results

You're feeling exhausted, you may even had blood tests but your doctor keeps saying everything is fine.

But right now it feels like your body and metabolism have turned against you, despite doing all the things:

You've heard everyone talk about how you need to sleep better, eat better, exercise better, and how this can improve your mood and help you feel more confident in your body.

Let's be real for a second...

What is the solution?

Balancing your hormones. And there's a simple way to do this.

But here's the thing. In order to release unwanted weight, feel high energy and experience happier moods, fad diets, conflicting information, doctors' bloodwork, isn't the solution to you feeling more comfortable and confident in your body.

And you've been told that it's as simple as eating 'better' and exercising more to reach your weight and energy goals.

The all-in-one solution to help you go from struggling with stubborn weight, low energy and mood swings to sustainably releasing inches, regaining energy and improving moods so you can feel confident and comfortable in your skin.

Shift the weight, be filled with energy & ditch the bloat so you can feel comfy and confident in your body!

The Hormone Harmony Solution


Yes! I want this!

Plus you have the added bonus of personalized support from a Registered Nurse of 18+ years and a Registered Holistic Nutritionist specializing in hormones with customized recommendations / protocols and coaching calls, so you can get the results you're after safely & ASAP.

This may seem like a distant dream - but all of this, and more, can be yours!

 ✨ Wake up feeling refreshed, light on your feet, and ready to conquer the world every single day

✨ Feeling reconnected with your partner because you feel sexy & confident in your body (even when you're naked)

✨ Always finding something to wear that you love, never having to second guess your outfit

Inside, I show you, step by step, how you achieve the body and life you've always wanted to be yours:

What my clients are saying ⬇️

What is really happening here is hormonal imbalances.

The thing is, if you're feeling some or all of the above, the problem isn't necessarily that you're 'eating too much and exercising too little'.

👉 You feel like your tummy, arms, and waist are bigger than they should be and your clothes don't fit comfortably anymore although you feel like you're eating healthy (at least most of the time), and exercising

👉 You feel tired throughout the day, and you know what that 3 PM slump feels like...more coffee

👉 Bloating, loose bowels, or constipation. Your tummy just can't catch a break
👉 You want to scream that time of the month, and feel very frustrated and angry, and might have heavy and/or painful periods to top it off

👉 Symptoms of anxiety, like irritability, overwhelm, trouble making decisions

Raise your hand if you are struggling with any of the following:

Yes! I want this!

⚡️Feel consistent energy all day long like you could spring off the couch and get housework done within 20 minutes without needing a third coffee

⚡️Pull your favourite clothes out of the donation pile and put them on feeling damn good

⚡️Fit into 'those' sexy jeans with comfort, confidence and ease without having to do the jeans pull-up dance

⚡️Be able to indulge in your favourite foods without guilt instead of being the only one at girls' night that's scowering the menu for cucumber salad

What if I told you that it is totally possible for you to...

❤️ Hormone and mineral balance to make sure your metabolism still works after 35

❤️ A holistic personalized step-by-step plan and protocol to fill nutrient gaps, so you don't feel lousy every day.

❤️ A holistic approach to not only kick the stubborn weight but also improve your energy and moods through fixing other things you haven't even thought of, like inflammation, gut health and detoxification.

What You Need is:

❌ You don't need to restrict calories or track macros to lose weight and feel more energized

❌ You don't need to follow a strict meal plan (one-size-fits all cookie cutter approach doesn't work!)

❌ You don't need to work out like crazy to get the scale to move!

❌ You don't have to stop eating carbs! (because why would you cut this piece of happiness from your life)

The Truth is:

going from exhausted to thriving:

Crystal shares her experience

More Client Wins:

Balanced horomones so you can lose the weight easily

Feeling confident in your body and clothes. Say hello to your brand new wardrobe without spending a single cent

Feeling energized so you can get it done and have time to yourself afterwards
Wearing what you want to wear, not setting for the baggy sweater because it's the only thing that fits.

Happy stable moods and a firey connection with your partner! Even naked...hello sexy time.

It's time to say HELLO to:

yes to all of this!!

Feeling stuck in the cycle of undereating and binging

Feeling like you have to track every single piece of food you put into your mouth, restricting calories and tracking macros

Daily energy crashes, and just trying to 'get through' your day (we've all been there, you're just waiting for the kids to fall asleep so you can just have some me time after you feel like your brain in ready to explode after long day)

Belly bloat, cravings and feeling 'puffy.' Feeling moody, irritable or touched out (have you ever told your partner 'don't touch me right now?')

It's time to let go of:

Get ready for 16 life-changing weeks where I hold your hand through the entire process so you can get the results you want safely & ASAP.

Shift the weight, be filled with energy & ditch the bloat so you can feel comfy and confident in your body!

The Hormone Harmony Solution


Ready to stop feeling uncomfortable in your body & clothes, tired and irritable and start to release unwanted weight, wake up feeling refreshed, and feel energized all day?

Inside The Hormone Harmony Solution, I help you go from struggling with stubborn weight, low energy and mood swings to sustainably releasing inches, regained energy and improved moods so you can get back to feeling confident & comfortable in your body!

click here to schedule your hormone clarity call

✅ Access to the Hormone Harmony Solution's Step-By-Step 3 Phase Process (scroll down for exactly what this looks like) so you can learn how to balance your hormones, restore your energy, and improve your moods, and step into that 2.0 version YOU, feeling your best. Note this is a personalized approach according to your test results. 

✅ 60-minute 'Getting-started' 1:1 Coaching Session for your customized plan (including hormone health + nutrient deficiency assessment) 

✅ 3 private 30-minute private 1:1 coaching calls so you can get additional personalized support & body systems symptoms reassessments with customized protocol updates to reach your goals safely and ASAP
✅ 16 weeks of live interactive weekly Group Coaching Call with Jasmin - Coaching calls over Zoom are designed to ask questions, walk through challenges you might be facing and get the support you need to continue to implement the three-step process 

✅ Access to an exclusive and private Facebook group for members only so you can get support from other women just like you, where you never feel like you're doing this on your own 

✅ My nutrition therapy framework that's helped 100s of women release weight, regain energy and feel confident in their skin by supporting hormones 

✅ Customized supplement protocols so you can fill the nutrient gaps based on your body's needs

✅ Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Testing and Result Reading (1:1 consult) - an incredibly valuable non-invasive at-home functional test that will identify mineral imbalances impacting digestion, thyroid, and adrenal health, as well as your Metabolism type and carbohydrate sensitivity.

Inside The Hormone Harmony Solution you will find:

Here, we break the stress habit by balancing cortisol levels for ultimate hormonal alignment, where we

⭐ refuel stress-depleting nutrients through foods
⭐ integrating simple and efficient strategies that work for YOUR life
⭐ fill in nutrient gaps created by stress, with adaptogens and other supplements
⭐ create space to find calm in your high-powered lifestyle

Throughout the program, we incorporate powerful techniques to align body, mind and soul to create flow in your life so you can show up feeling confident in all areas of life.

Adrenal Regulation Phase

phase three

In phase 2, you're going to be ready learn how to balance out your metabolic hormones & energy-fueling hormones by

 ⭐ flushing out toxins & excess toxins to begin releasing fat
⭐ optimizing gut health (ie correcting leaky gut, yeast overgrowth and bacteria)
⭐ further digestive support through specific foods
⭐ aligning with your female cycle for natural energy + nutrient repletion

As nutrients become replenished, and your gut health is restored, you are ready to move into the final phase of the program.


Hormone Alignment & Gut Restoration Phase

phase two

First, we're going to stabilize your blood sugar & apply nutrition stacking by changing your refined + inflammatory foods-based diet to nutrient-dense whole foods one (80/20)

⭐ reset your hormones
⭐ boost your metabolism
⭐ open up detox pathways
⭐ and have you feeling more energetic and confident, as you ditch the cravings

 Once inflammation has been released from the body, and your blood sugar becomes more regulated, it is time to dive deeper into hormonal alignment and the female cycle.

Anti-inflammatory & Energizing Phase

phase one

My 3 Phase Process:

I'm ready to balance my hormones

It wasn't until I realized the power of food, and the havoc I had caused my body to be in by NOT giving my body what it needed for balanced hormones so I could feel my BEST, being able to run around get things done without huffing and puffing, and feeling damn good in my body & clothes.

I know that there is a lot of noise out there on what to focus on, but as a Registered Nurse of 18+ years, I can tell you with confidence, that there is a natural solution that can help you ignite your metabolism so you can release weight, feel energized and experience happy stable moods.

Inside The Hormone Harmony Solution, I take you through the exact 3-step proven process to show you how to address the likely underlying root causes for why you're experiencing symptoms of hormonal imbalances and how you can 'fix' it.

And we do this by focusing on what YOUR body needs. This is not another 'one size fits all cookie cutter type of program' - what I offer is very different and it works.

The piece that everyone is missing if you want:

⚡️ A closet full of clothes you LOVE wearing
⚡️ Energy that has you feeling excited all day long
⚡️ Radiating confidence and closer connections with people you love
⚡️ Easy, pain-free periods, never having to worry about PMS again
⚡️ To enjoy food, your body, and life

❌ Dieting, exercising ++, and a one size fits all meal plan aren't going to cut it.

What you need is a hormone-balancing strategy that fills your nutrient gaps and balances your minerals.
For your body to let go of weight, and experience loads of energy and live life bloat-free, you need to understand what YOUR body needs - it's all about getting the root causes!

I'm so honoured to be holding your hand through this journey, helping you go from feeling tired, heavy and uncomfortable in your body to feeling confident, energized and full of life!

🤍 Your Hormone Coach, Jasmin

Hey, I'm Jasmin! Registered Nurse and Registered Holistic Nutritionist specializing in women's hormones. I am SO pleased to meet you.

When I struggled with my own hormones and metabolism 10 years ago, I found myself feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. My life consisted of constantly thinking about food, what to eat, what not to eat, the next diet, restricting calories and exercise.

I hated how my body looked and how I felt - acne, unwanted weight, low energy, painful periods, headaches and mood swings. It felt like my body and metabolism were broken because I thought I was doing all the things I was supposed to be doing.

And I am sharing this with you today, because I know how frustrating it is when all you want is to feel alive and confident in your body but nothing is working.

This is my own before & after. I totally get where you are now. And this is my own transformation I have experienced and I am ready to take you to where you want to be. 

Why should you be listening to me anyways?

How can I tell if this is the right fit for me?

This coaching container was designed specifically for busy, high-powered women who want a simple strategy to follow that helps them through the 3 phases of balancing hormones and leading a soulful life while receiving high-class coaching support. If you've been struggling with confidence, low energy and feeling disconnected and overwhelmed then this is the container for you. Let's book a Hormone Clarity call to make sure you are an awesome fit for each other. You can book this at the bottom of the page.
Is there a guarantee this will work?

I love this question - I want you to take a deep breath and really let this land - YOU are the guarantee. You are going to get out of this program what you put into it. It is up to you to show up, do the work, and hold yourself accountable so you can get the results that you are after. It is also up to you to reach out for extra support and guidance from your coach if you desire more help. So, since the program is solely based on your efforts and a variety of things that are out of our control, we follow a zero refund policy.

Will this work if I am vegan or vegetarian? 

Absolutely. All meals & snack recommendations and guides can be adapted to this. Also, everything inside The Hormone Harmony Solution is based on an ani-inflammatory way of living.

What happens if I am on vacation or miss group coaching calls for any other reason?

You won't at all be behind if you are out of town for a little while, or if you miss coaching calls for any other reason. All calls will be recorded and available for replay. You'll also have access to all materials ongoing.

Do you have questions about The Hormone Harmony Solution?

let's do this!

Apply HERE to join us inside The HHS today!

Then this is your sign. I don't believe in coincidences. I believe in divine timing. The answer you've been searching for is right in front of you.

My question to you is - ARE YOU COMMITTED? Committed to

  • step into this next version YOU? The you who feels confident, at ease... full of powerful nutrition knowledge to create a massive shift in your life?
  • learn how to build the confidence to help you implement so you can finally achieve your weight loss & energy goals
  • step outside this 'boxed in diet world', where you no longer feel restricted?

This is it! And ONE decision could change everything!

If you're still reading this and you're hearing this voice inside your head telling you it's time for change, time to try something you've never done before...

You are then choosing to continue to try to do this on your own, throwing spaghetti at the wall *hoping* something will stick, and spinning in circles.

 If you choose to move forward, I've got you, every step of the way to get you feeling your BEST.

Shifting the weight is hard if you try to do it on your own, but NOT taking the steps needed to balance your hormones so you CAN achieve your goals, will make sure that you stay stuck.

Choosing NOT to join, is choosing to continue to stay stuck.

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